The National Institute for Computational Sciences

Seminar Series on High Performance Computing

The National Institute for Computational Sciences invites you to a Seminar Series on High Performance Computing, every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:10pm ET to 3:10pm ET starting Tuesday October 21st, 2014.

This is a joint effort between different leadership organizations (NICS, JICS, OLCF, XSEDE) to increase HPC awareness among the academic community. Different topics will be introduced starting with the most basic and building up to more advanced aspects in HPC. No registration is required and in case you cannot attend in person, the seminars will also be available through the Internet.

To join the seminar in-person at UTK campus
Go to JICS Conference Room 351 at the Claxton building.

To join the online meeting
Go to

Calendar of topics to be covered:

Spring 2015

5OpenACC Workshop [@Min Kao, rm 118, 11-5 ET]Slides

Fall 2014

21Supercomputing today, why its important for you?View OnlineSlides
23How to get access to a SupercomputerView OnlineSlides1|Slides2
28Overview of HPC resources available through the XSEDE and INCITE programsView OnlineSlides1|Slides2
30How to login and use your account at NICS and ORNLView OnlineSlides

4Introduction to HPC and SupercomputingView OnlineSlides
5MPI Workshop (Part1) at PSC [@Min Kao, rm 435, 11-5 ET]
6MPI Workshop (Part2) at PSC [@Min Kao, rm 435, 11-5 ET]
11Use of HPC in Computational PhysicsView OnlineSlides1|Slides2
13Unix Basics for HPC (part1)View OnlineSlides
18Unix Basics for HPC (part2)View OnlineSlides
20Compiling Basics for HPCView OnlineSlides
25HPC in EngineeringView OnlineSlides

2Use of HPC in Material ScienceView OnlineSlides
4OpenACC Workshop [@Min Kao, rm 435, 11-5 ET]Slides

Spring 2014

7How to compile and build programsView OnlineSlides Part1, Part2
9Introduction to the C language (Part1)View OnlineSlides
14Introduction to the C language (Part2)View OnlineSlides
16Introduction to Fortran programming (Part1)View OnlineSlides, Examples
21Introduction to Fortran programming (Part2)View OnlineSlides, Examples
23Review on Advanced Compiler OptionsView OnlineSlides
28Introduction to Parallel Programming TechniquesView OnlineSlides
30Introduction MPI Programing (Part 1)View OnlineSlides

4Introduction MPI Programing (Part 2)View OnlineSlides
6How to effectively use the archiving system HPSSView OnlineSlides
11Introduction to OpenMPView OnlineSlides, Examples
18OpenMP:Advanced featuresView Online
20GPU Technology and CUDA ProgrammingView Online
25Review of GPU programming methodsView OnlineSlides
27Two case studies of CUDA programming and optimizationView OnlineSlides

4Introduction to the Intel MIC ArchitectureView OnlineSlides
6Intel MIC programming as AcceleratorView OnlineSlides
11Intel MIC programming as CPUView OnlineSlides
13Optimization techniques on MICsView OnlineFiles
18(Spring break)
20(Spring break)
25Debugging programs with DDT and TotalviewView OnlineFiles
27Profiling your codeView OnlinePart1

1Using Scientific LibrariesView OnlineFiles
3Doing Linear Algebra in ParallelView OnlineSlides
8Parallel I/O Part 1 (Strategies)View OnlineSlides
10Parallel I/O Part 2 (I/O Libraries)View OnlineSlides
15Understanding the MPI framework on XC30 Cray systemsView OnlineSlides
17Programming with OpenACCView Online
22An overview of Fortran 2003 and 2008 StandardsView Online
24CancelledView Online
29Visualization on HPCView Online

1Art and Science of using Python in HPCView Online
8From equation to codeView OnlineSlides

Fall 2013

1Supercomputing today, why its important for you?View OnlineSlides
3Overview on UT/XSEDE and DOE/OLCF HPC resourcesView OnlineSlides1 Slides2
8How to get time on a Supercomputer via the XSEDE and INCITE programs?View OnlineSlides1 | Slides2
10I have an account, now what?View OnlineSlides
15Computational Physics - A quick OverviewView OnlineSlides1 | Slides2
17Intro to the Cray XC30 (DARTER) platform [held at ORNL]
22Intro to HPC and SupercomputingView OnlineSlides
24Intro to Unix/LinuxView OnlineSlides
29Computational Chemistry - A quick OverviewView OnlineSlides
31Unix Basics - Command line toolsView OnlineSlides

5The Art of File TransfersView OnlineSlides
7Introduction to Linux Shell ProgrammingView OnlineSlides
12 Introduction to Linux Shell Programming (Part 2)View OnlineSlides
14HPC in EngineeringView OnlineSlides
19Unix Basics - File PermissionsView OnlineSlides
21Unix Basics - Text EditingView OnlineSlides
26HPC for Life SciencesView OnlineSlides

3How to run your Program on an HPC resource?View OnlineSlides and Files | Eden Slides
5What are XSEDE Science Gateways?View Online

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