The National Institute for Computational Sciences

New Account Information and Procedure

Accounts at NICS take approximately 1 week to process.

Part 1: Activating your account

Once your account has been created on Darter or Beacon you will receive an email from Please watch for this email, a unique version is generated for each user. You cannot log in until you follow the link in the e-mail to activate your account.

  1. Upon account completion each user will receive an email from that contains their project and NICS user information.
  2. The email contains a link to their NICS user portal.
    • It will look like this:
  3. Verify your user information, enter your citizenship, and agree to the NICS user policy
  4. The email from also contains a PDF attachment. This is a copy of NICS User Responsibilities.  By activating your account you will be agreeing to abide by these policies. 
  5. Users are required to use an OTP token to access NICS systems.
  6. Next you will receive a second email from that contains the information necessary to obtain an OTP token.  The NICS Token Activation form is attached to this email.
Part 2: What to do when you receive your Token
  1. Tokens are sent US mail.  They are disabled until NICS receives the notarized NICS Token Activation form. 
  2. The form may be completed and mailed before receipt of the token.  You may verify the serial number (from the back of the token) by sending an email to from the email account registered at NICS.
  3. Once we have both the notarized NICS Token Activation form and verified serial number you will receive an email with instructions on how to set the pin and log in.

Accounts that are not accessed for a period of 90 consecutive days are disabled. If you believe your account has been disabled for inactivity please submit a request to or you may call the helpline directly at 865-241-1504.  Once re-enabled you must log in within 5 days or repeat the process.