The National Institute for Computational Sciences



XSEDE's Education and Outreach Service mission is driven by the critical need to advance computational science and engineering by recruiting, preparing, and sustaining a large and diverse scientific academic and industrial workforce. This workforce will be prepared to advance scientific discovery through the application of computational science and engineering using the XSEDE cyberinfrastructure ecosystem. The resulting workforce will be capable of designing, developing, utilizing, and supporting digital resources and services to advance CS&E in all fields of scholarship to benefit American competitiveness and society.

The XSEDE Education and Outreach Services have three primary goals:

  • Prepare the current and next generation of researchers, educators and practitioners to effectively utilize digital services in support of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM),
  • Create a significantly larger and more diverse workforce in STEM, and
  • Inculcate the use of digital services as part of their routine practice for advancing scientific discovery.

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