The National Institute for Computational Sciences


The ACF installs 3rd party software packages in addition to vendor (i.e. Intel) provided software. All software packages have modulefiles associated with them. Users should use these modules to access the software.

The following module commands may be used to view loaded and available modules:

module list
module avail

More information on modules may be found in the modules page.

Packages loaded by default

Some packages are added by default to each user's environment upon login. This is accomplished by loading the module DefApps. The DefApps module may directly load third-party application modules, and in some cases, is used to set up “programming environments”.

Available Software

Below is the list of available software available. For more information about each piece of software, please click on the application name for a description and an in depth listing of installed versions and builds.

If you would like to request a software installation, please complete a Software Request.

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