The National Institute for Computational Sciences

Computational Resources Reserved for COVID-19 Research

May 12, 2020

To enhance access to resources for supporting COVID-19 research, compute and storage resources have been allocated for priority use to advance the pace of COVID-19 research that can lead to understanding, treatments, and a vaccine to fight the virus. A 40-core Intel Skylake compute node has been reserved for priority access specifically for COVID-19 research. The use of this resource will be continuously managed and monitored to determine if additional resources should be allocated.

Principal investigators with existing COVID-19 related research projects are invited to submit requests for access to the COVID-19 research resources. The researcher should submit a support request to and provide a very short description of their COVID-19 research, research goals, and the anticipated compute and storage resource requirements, if known. In consultation with the UT Research Computing Faculty Advisory Board and UTHSC and UTK CIOs, the Director will review and approve requests. Approved requests will result in provisioning the research project with access to the COVID-19 compute node reservation.

Researchers who do not have an existing research project should first request one through the User Portal, then make a COVID-19 research request as described above.

Questions about support for COVID-19 research should be submitted via email to


  1. Q: If I have access to the COVID-19 resource what do I need to put in my batch job to access it?
    A: Your batch job headers to access the COVID-19 resources should look something like the below. Do not put partition values, qos values, or node type values:
    #PBS -S /bin/bash
    #PBS -A ACF-{AccountName}
    #PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=40,walltime=16:00:00
    #PBS -l advres=covid_research.13775934
    #PBS -N {job name}
    #PBS -m abe
    #PBS -M {email-address}