The National Institute for Computational Sciences

Scaling in Turbulence and Turbulent Mixing

A team led by P.K. Yeung of Georgia Tech is investigating fundamental problems of dispersion in turbulent fluid flow, which plays a crucial role in pollutant transport in both atmospheric and oceanic environments. These numerical simulations allow researchers to track the motions of large numbers of infinitesimally small particles in fluids and closely examine their movement away from one another under the influence of differing lengths and timescales.

This is a computationally intensive task due to the wide range of scales present in flow conditions typical of practical applications. This research, which consists of numerical simulations of the fluid both as a continuous medium and as a large collection of small particles, is capable of providing unique insights into flow physics and model development. The resulting data will be made available to the larger turbulence community worldwide and used to further refine existing mathematical models. Only systems such as Kraken, with its extremely scalable architecture, are capable of effectively simulating such complex phenomena.

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